In all is about the foreign exchange (forex), the objective of this website is to help, teach,  give advices to newbies and stay in touch with advanced traders. I’m a big NBA fan and a player in the league inspires me the attitude to have in the forex market.

The guy‘s name is Tim Duncan also known as « Mister Fundamental » his game is simple and mainly based on Fundamentals, despite that he is having a tremendous career in the league with 5 NBA titles and many MVP trophies… The point is I want to let you know that we can be successful in the Forex market with simple strategies and the  « right attitute ».

This website throuth its posts (articles, podcast and videos) will help you to achieve your objective and of course you have to give some of yourself.

My points of view about:

Trading Style

The best way is to make it simple don’t go to too much sophisticated mathmatics formulas if you don’t really understand what you are doing.

You must be able to explain your strategy easily, then you will be able to adjust when you will decide to adopt a  new  trading style.

Avoid too much emotion in your trading strategy because with emotion we only see what our emotion want.

« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ». Leonardo de Vinci


How much should I invest ?

We have different goals when we did decide to trade,

Is it  to make more money because you are struggling ? to follow a friend ? to impress your new girl friend or just to fill your free-time…

It is true that « It is because we are different that each of us is special »  but despite our differences I think that we don’t have to risk an amount of money that we can’t afford to lose.

You know It takes money to make money  and many traders fail due to lack of money or money management.

Success stories

A Young dude in Arizona became a millionnaire last week he made that in forex… Newspaper most of time do not even say how much time, hard work, dedication, disapointment, sacrifice… the winner has been through.

Hey be realistic !  It does  mean that you can’t do it, BUT don’t do crazy things because of that kind of stories…

Do it step by step, Success is yours !!!


It’s not a “get rich quick scheme” , Please be patient !

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” Molière

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