Top 6 Things To Remember When Trading Bigger Forex Positions

businesswoman drawing forex chart on clipboard

It is no secret that if you can beat the forex markets your dreams can come true. What do you hope for? A luxurious mansion with an Olympic size pool? How about cruising around in your dream car? Trading the forex markets can be a lucrative adventure if you have the required expertise. If you…

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My Daily Trading Routine


My trading day starts before I actually place a trade. This might sound strange to the amateur trader but the aim of the game is to interact less (yeah you heard right)…less frequently with the markets. This way I have more time to enjoy life. More on that later. So I will not be hunting…

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Top 3 Reviews of USD/CHF

Chf Currency Showing Forex Trading And Banknote

  Trading any currency pair that involves the Swiss franc is tricky. The Swiss franc (also called CHF, acronym for Confoederatio Helvetica Franc) is often considered a safe haven, mainly because its government keeps a strong arm on it, preventing it from moving too much. The upside is that you always know where you stand.…

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Trust management online

Trust management online Investing your savings is very important, because leaving the money in the bank will only give you a small annual return. Even the best savings account cannot give more than a 10% annual return, which is about what you can get from a typical hedge fund, mutual fund and other conventional forms…

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The Top 7 Deadly Forex Trading Mistakes.

Man with Note Pad and Forex Concept

How many of these trading mistakes do you make? Mistakes are a part of trading and to be a successful trader you’ve got to increase your trading knowledge and learn how to avoid basic trading errors. I) Overconfidence This happens especially when beginner traders score a few wins in a row but it is also…

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How Many Currency Pairs Should You Trade?


Let’s talk about: Advantages of Marrying One Currency Pair Problems Associated With Specializing in One Pair Trading Multiple Currency Pairs for Diversification If you are trading only one currency pair, there are some advantages. The aim is to become familiar with its nuances so that it becomes easy to predict its moves and “understand its…

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Five Realistic forex trading expectations

businessman holding laptop with forex symbol

  Trading the forex markets is a quick fire way of making you live the life of your dreams. This can happen because when it comes to rapid return on investment there are few other rivals, probably none. So the forex markets can make you very rich….but it can also make you lose your shirt.…

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Forex Trader ultimate blueprint

notepad with forex chart and tools on desktop engineer

Picture this: Trader A is living the trading dream. Frequent trips all over the world, lots of cash to spend, nice house and car and ton loads of quality time to spend with the family. Trader B is living the trading nightmare. Difficulty breaking even, lots of time spent staring at the charts (aka analyzing),…

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Forex Trading Style and Money Management

Modern business workplace: tablet with success symbol

Successful forex investors follow a proven trading style or methodology. It is crucial to understand that to reap the rewards on the table in forex you must define, practice and embed the trading style which best suits your own lifestyle and which brings you consistent profits. But even more vital than trading style is the…

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What Is So Fascinating About Technical Indicators and the Forex Beginner ?


If you are a beginner in the business of trading the forex markets then it is a wise decision that before you seek to obtain a return on your investment, you should seek to obtain a return OF your investment. To be successful in currency trading you must find a consistent method to accurately determine…

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