Why Nobody is Talking About USD/BRL ?


For those who follow currency trading, it is not unusual to see currency notes from countries such as the United States ($), Britain (£), the Euro Zone (€), Japan (¥ ), Australia($) , Canada ($) and China (¥) taking center stage. With the dawn of the current leap year and the focus on the upcoming…

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Top 6 Things To Remember When Trading Bigger Forex Positions

businesswoman drawing forex chart on clipboard

  It is no secret that if you can beat the forex markets your dreams can come true. What do you hope for? A luxurious mansion with an Olympic size pool? How about cruising around in your dream car? Trading the forex markets can be a lucrative adventure if you have the required expertise. If…

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The Top Fact to Know on GBP/JPY

Jpy Currency Meaning Forex Trading And Currencies

Traders let’s cut to the chase. If you are trading the GBP/JPY currency pair, be prepared for large price movements. In fact, let me build on that statement. While you prepare for large price movements, always be on the lookout for GIGANTIC price swings. Take for example during the financial collapse of 2008. While market…

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How Will the New Fed Rates Affect the USD?

judge gavel and dollars on wooden table

Emerging from its December 16, 2015 meeting, Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair announced that “The federal open market committee decided to raise the target range for the federal funds rate by one quarter percentage point, bringing it to 0.25 to 0.5 percent. This action marks the end of an extraordinary seven year period during which…

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How Well Do You Know EUR/GBP ?

3D Currency euro pound rate concept symbol button on white background

  Along with the EUR USD  and USD JPY, EUR GBP is one of the most traded pair out there. It’s understandable, since the pair is composed of two of the strongest currencies in the world. The GBP, currency of the UK is also influence by the BOE (Bank of England), which is in the…

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7 Facts To Know Before Trading The EUR/USD Currency Pair

Eur Usd Calculator Representing Euro Sign And Banking

So you want to trade the EUR/USD currency pair? Trading the Forex markets successfully involves placing yourself on the right side of the market whenever a currency pair moves in a bearish or bullish manner. For traders the burning question always is “which is the best currency pair to trade and will it be bullish…

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Aren’t You Worried About Currency Correlations?

Correlation word cloud concept

Trading forex can be a real crazy game…or is it the traders who are crazy? Consider this: one trader buys and another one sells the same currency pair at the same time and both expect to win! The successful trader makes a fortune from the comfort of his/her home or smartphone even when he/she is…

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How To Trade The News In The Forex Market ?

The newspaper LATEST NEWS
with the headline  FINANCIAL NEWS on table

If you want to trade the news in the forex market, here is something interesting to consider. News releases occur several times a day when the forex market is in full swing. That presents numerous opportunities if you are so inclined. Trading the news might sound simple but if you ask the experienced fundamental traders,…

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The truth about the Yuan

100 USD and 5 Yuan  isolated on white background

There’s an old Chinese saying, “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” Well, the Chinese Yuan hit a four year low in August 2015 after the Central bank (the People’s Bank of China) devalued its currency. From an exchange rate of 6.20 Yuan to 1 US dollar at the end of July…

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Do You Struggle With AUD/USD ?

digital tablet with stock chart on the table businessman

In mid-August 2015 the Australian dollar fell to a six year low of 0.7213 versus the US dollar. John Edwards, a member of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s rate setting board is quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying, “the Australian dollar’s fall is beginning to lift the country’s economy”. For the trader this…

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