Focus on the Bank of England

Bank of England, the Royal Exchange in London, the UK. Financial and business heart. Retro, vintage

The institution that manages a nation’s currency is referred to as its central bank. If its location is Threadneedle Street, then we’re talking about the Bank of England. “The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street” is charged with promoting the welfare of the residents of the United Kingdom in the following ways: Sustaining the trust of…

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Trading The Cable – The British Pound/United States Dollar

Sacks of money of different currencies on the podium appreciation.

  In the 1800s a particular large cable stretched across the Atlantic Ocean floor between the United States and Britain. A primary bit of information which was transmitted via this cable was currency quotes or the exchange rates between the US dollar and the British Pound. Since then the GBP/USD currency pair has taken on…

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How to overcome psycological trading stress


As traders aim to make money from the forex market, psychological stress is one of the main factors that stands in the way, preventing profits from being accrued. The simple way around this is to gain confidence. Scientists known as behavioral economists believe that as far as making decisions about money is concerned, the human…

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Claim Your Share of the Forex Trading Pie

Modern business workplace: tablet with success symbol

Are you ready for your share of the forex trading pie? Well, look at it this way. How easy is it for you to do the following? Buy your dream house…yep, one with the right color, right number of rooms and yes the right size swimming pool. Drive the fanciest car that suits your style…

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Should I trade long term or short term in the forex market?

Terrified secretary touching her head while looking at big heaps of papers

There are all kinds of school of thoughts out there when it comes to the very old “long term versus short term trading” debate. Of course each side thinks they have the holy grail of answer, and that the other side is made up of delusional losing traders. In this article we’ll go over the…

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A Day In The Life of the RBA

Stack of Australian Dollar

A Day In The Life of the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) The term “Down Under” is often used to describe the Island continent of Australia. Australia’s banking system is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Australia; the country’s central bank. Its responsibilities are many and varied but include the following: Setting the policy for…

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The European Central Bank and The Greek Scenario

Vintage looking European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main Germany

The European Central bank, the ECB is the central bank which manages the Eurozone’s single currency, the Euro. As such, the ECB has among its mandates, some of the following objectives: Managing risks to maintain the purchasing power of the Euro Securing price stability Regulating the supply of money through interest rate setting. This is…

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Understanding The Dollar Yen (USD/JPY)

Man with Note Pad and Forex Concept

If you’ve been trading the forex markets you would know by now that the USD/JPY currency pair responds to factors which affect the value of both currencies, in relation to each other. Take a look at the following chart:   Not counting the farming industry, employers in the US were expected to add 222,000 jobs…

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Why do Forex traders need a trading plan ?


You must have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”. Nowhere is this more a fact than when trading the forex markets. The naked truth is that while the forex market can make you wealthy, without the discipline of formulating a trading plan and sticking to that plan, many persons find…

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Do You Struggle With USD ?


We are newbies in the forex market and we do not know exactly what are the key factors that we need to check when dealing with us dollar. The following podcast will give us what we have to take into account when dealing with the USD ! … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business…

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